DV8 Kitchen was developed and operates as a second chance employment opportunity for people who are trying to redirect their lives.  People in the early stages of substance abuse recovery often find it difficult to find employers willing to take a chance on them.  


Give 100% effort, always.
99% in recovery won’t keep you sober. The difference in 1% is monumental.
Believe in something bigger than yourself
Shifting focus away from oneself and serving others is key to recovery and integral to a meaningful life.
Community is imperative.
Active recovery in community predicts success. Our community provides both support and accountability.
Through grace and truth deep relationships are built both holding others accountable as well as submitting to accountability.
People aren’t defined solely by their past.
We don’t judge or overlook people based on past mistakes when hiring, promoting, and giving a raise.
Transparency is healing
It reduces shame and eliminates the stigma of addiction.


DV8 Kitchen – Broadway

867 S Broadway #140, Lexington, KY 40504
(859) 955-0388

Mon – Fri  7AM – 2PM
Sat & Sun  8AM – 3PM

DV8 Kitchen – East End

594 E Third St #100, Lexington KY 40508
(859) 832-0388

Mon – Fri  7AM – 2PM
Sat & Sun  8AM – 3PM


Join us every week day between 8 a.m. and 8:59 a.m. to receive 8% off the best breakfast in town! No need to ask for the discount – you’ll receive it automatically for being a part of our Breakfast Club. Keep an eye on our social media for additional ATE@8 specials and offers each month!



A special thanks to those in our community who have contributed to the vision of DV8 Kitchen

Shepherds House

Lighthouse Ministries

Revive Life House

Stoll Keenon Ogden – Jamie Brodsky

SKW CPAs – Donna Smith & Cody Embry

Jarboe Construction – Jim Tudor & John Haddix

Elliot Electric

Ifland Visuals – Crawford Ifland

Bluegrass Hospitality Group – Bruce Drake and Brian McCarty

Monster Color – JL Lynn

Chrysalis House

Hope Center

Refuge for Women

C Worth Equipment – Dan Adams & Sonnett Clark

Old World Timber – Nathan Brown

Kings Nursery – Wes King

Garrett Rea – Artist

10th Planet

Julia Pezzi – Artist

Father Norman Fisher – Artist and Advocate

Community Action Council

Jubilee Jobs

Natalie’s Sisters

S & J Wall papering and Painting – Steve Zech

Commonwealth Technology – Troy Turner & Craig Rouse

The Angel Wing Project – Collette Miller

T & S Plumbing

Farm Fresh Advertising – Todd Hosaka and Layne Takemoto

Justice Boozer – Artist

Smither’s Signs


Employees attend weekly workshops, which are designed to pass along basic life-skill knowledge, which will assist them in successfully employed – in any field.

The focuses include: interviewing skills, professionalism, personal responsibility, employee performance and profit, conflict resolution, integrity, personal finances, teamwork, guest services and legal resources.

In addition, DV8 offers workshops to expose employees to various life-enhancing experiences. These workshops include:  yoga, cake decorating, origami, painting, knitting, etc.

Community members invest in DV8 employees by volunteering their time and resources weekly at our Tuesday workshops.

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