DV8Kitchen Vocational Training Foundation

Secondchance employment

DV8 Kitchen Vocational Training Foundation, Inc. is a social enterprise with 501(c)3 status. DV8 Kitchen’s vision is a future where everyone in active recovery will be able to find meaningful employment. Giving second chance employment opportunities to people in early stages of recovery, while learning valuable life skills and furthering their education to reach their full potential is DV8 Kitchen Vocational Training Foundation’s mission.

DV8’s foundation partners with recovery homes to employ residents ready to enter the workforce. The recovery homes provide safe housing as well as provide accountability through testing and residents working a meaningful recovery program.

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Employees at DV8 Kitchen attend bi-weekly workshops designed to teach life skills, enrich their life experiences, help create a positive work environment and build community.
Additionally, DV8 Kitchen Vocational Training Foundation, Inc. outfits employees with uniforms and food handler permits and shares the restaurant’s mission with other businesses to encourage the introduction of opportunities for second chance employees.

The foundation is in the process of developing a mentorship program to further the goals and needs of each employee by helping the individual remove barriers and develop an individualized career path for each employee.

For inquiries specifically about the DV8 Kitchen Vocational Training Foundation, Inc. and how you can get involved, please email our Gratitude & Donor Relations Manager Morgan Griffey at morgan@dv8kitchen.com or call her at (859) 475-1482.