DV8Kitchen Vocational Training Foundation

DV8 Kitchen Vocational Training Foundation Inc. is a 501(c)3 developed to teach second chance employees the trade of baking to elevate their earning potential and outfit employees with uniforms and food handler permits. DV8 has partnered with residential living facilities that serve people in recovery to employ the residents that are ready to enter the workforce. Besides offering employment to former addicts, DV8 Kitchen aims to help second-chance employees learn valuable life skills. Employees attend weekly workshops where Lexingtonian businessmen and women speak about their experiences and offer advice applicable to everyday life. Additionally, DV8 Kitchen Vocational Training Foundation Inc. outfits employees with uniforms and food handler permits and shares the restaurant’s mission with other businesses to encourage the introduction of opportunities for second chance employees in the Lexington community. We provide these services to foster relationships with people in the community and build employees’ self-esteem while creating a positive work environment.


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DV8 Kitchen Vocational Training Foundation, Inc. – 501(c)3
405 Ridgeway Rd
Lexington, KY 40502