867 South Broadway #140, Lexington, KY 40504 Mon - Fri 7AM–2:30PM, Sat - Sun 8AM-3PM 859-955-0DV8 (0388)



DV8 Kitchen provides education, with a weekly focus on restaurant operations.  The focuses are:  DV8 Kitchen Concept and Culture, Food Safety, Baking Overview, Restaurant Math / Prep Plan, Nutrition, Dough Station, Cinnamon Roll Station, Sandwich/Salad Station, Counter Service, Physical Plant Maintenance, Guest Service to Remember, Scheduling & Labor Planning and Manager Duties.


Employees attend weekly General Employment Workshops.  These workshops are designed to pass along basic life skill knowledge, which will assist them in being successfully employed – in any field.  The focuses:  Interviewing Skills, Professionalism, Personal Responsibility, Progressive Discipline/Rules, Employee Performance and Profit, Promotion/Raise, Conflict Resolution, Personal Finances, Honesty and Integrity, Teamwork, Guest Service and Legal Resources.